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  • 05/13/2020
  • John Tyo
  • President, CPO
  • Syracuse Orthotic Prosthetic Center
  • 1124 E. Fayette Street
  • Syracuse, NY 13210

To the Review Committee:

It has become clear the prosthetic profession needs an avenue to effectively and efficiently address the result of our patient interactions – patient outcomes. Therefore, after extensive consideration to accomplish this, it was obvious to our practice the program offered by Vanguard Metrics and Analytics best meets the criterion we settled on to implement such a process. The data collection program designed by VMA is straight forward to use and easy enough to implement from the standpoints of our practitioners, our administrative staff, and our patients. We believe it will provide the most valuable amount of information obtainable. We are able to review our patient data on a 24/7 basis compared to other clinics aggregate data, as well as the data on individual or groups of patients. Armed with information from our patients we are able to assess the effectiveness of our care, make changes as necessary, and are able to demonstrate our value to the healthcare team in our market area. We have been looking for an effective means to do this and have found it in this program from VMA. I am aware this program is being considered by the Homelink division of VGM to assist with better claims review processes, to improve policy language, and to better direct care services to appropriate resources. They are seeking additional patient inputs and will be working collaboratively on this project. Their success is symbiotic with our success. This kind of payer – provider effort in O&P is essential to ensure quality healthcare for the patients we serve.

John Tyo C.P., B.O.C.P.

Director, Syracuse Prosthetic Orthotic Center


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